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Motor Sich Joint Company

History of the Company commenced in 1907. Till the month of December, 1915, the Company manufactured agricultural machinery and implements, performed different kinds of machining, produced iron and copper castings. In December,1915, Duflon, Konstantinovic& Co (Deka) JSC bought the production facilities and changed the profile of production activities.
In November, 1916, the first six-cylinder water cooled engine Deka M-100 was assembled. Since then the Company mastered production and for a long time manufactured a wide gamut of piston engines:
M-6, M-11, M-22, M-85, M-86, M-87, M-88, Ash-87FN, Ash-62IR, which were not inferior and in a number of cases superior to similar foreign engines at that time.
In the year 1953 the factory started manufacture of jet engines RD-45, RD-500, which initiated beginning of entry into the gas turbine engine era. The new generation of engines was represented by AI-20 (1957) and AI-24 (1962) turboprops designed by A.G. Ivchenko. Different modifications of these engines are in service till the present time.
In the year 1967 the factory started mastering production of by-pass turbojet engines, and one after another commenced production of the AI-25, AI-25TL,
D-36, D-18T and D436T1/TP engines. Gas turbine turboshaft engines of the TV3-117, VK-1500, BK-2500 families along with the D-136 engine bring to the sky the helicopters of Mil (Mi) and Kamov (Ka) design. In the year 1995 the factory was transformed into Motor Sich Joint Stock Company (Public). At the present time the Company is busily engaged in preparation for series production of aircraft engines D-27, AI-22, AI-222, VK-1500, AI-450,
D-36, Series 4A, D-436-148, AI-25 TLSh for powering airplanes An-70, Tu-324, Yak-48, Yak-130, L-159, An-3, An-38, Be-132MK, An-74TK-300, An 148, helicopter Ka-226 and for retrofitting aircraft Yak-42, An-2, Mi-2 and L-39 being in operation.


19-21, Frunze St., Kiev, 04080, Ukraine
Теl./Fax: +3 8 (044) 455-93-92


Working meetings "Antonov" and the Azerbaijani side

March 12-13, 2015 (Baku, Azerbaijan) The Director General-Chairman of the Board UkrNIIAT GA Kryvau participated in a series of working meetings "Antonov" and the Azerbaijani sides on cooperation in the sphere of aircraft building production

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