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Antonov ASTC

ANTONOV Aeronautical Scientific/Technical Complex was founded in 1946 by Oleg Antonov, the eminent aircraft designer.
Since then, more than one hundred types and modifications of aircraft of various classes and purposes have been designed, including:
• AN-2 multipurpose aircraft, the father of the large family of ANTONOV aircraft;
• AN-8, AN-12, AN-22 Antei, AN-26, AN-32, AN-72, AN-74T, AN-124 and AN-124-100 Ruslan, AN-225 Mriya, AN-70 , AN-3T cargo aircraft;
• AN-10, AN-14, AN-24, AN-140, AN-148 passenger aircraft;
• AN-28, AN-38-100, AN-38-200, AN-74TK-100, AN-74TK-200 and AN-74TK-300 convertible cargo/passenger aircraft;
• special-purpose aircraft, including: AN-2M and AN-3 agricultural aircraft, AN-2B seaplane, AN-30 aerial photography aircraft, AN-30M “sky-cleaner”, AN-26P and AN-32P fire-fighters, AN-26M rescue aircraft, AN-74 polar aircraft, AN-72 patrol aircraft, AN-7, AN-71 AEW aircraft, etc. In addition, several types of gliders, hang-gliders and motor hang-gliders have also being developed.
The characteristic advantages of ANTONOV aircraft include structural reliability and economic efficiency, flexibility of transport operations, ability to use unpaved airfields and easy maintenance. Due to these qualities, over one and a half thousand Antonov aircraft have been exported to more than 70 countries all over the world. All in all more than 22,000 aircraft have been built.
Nowadays the ANTONOV Complex is engaged in designing and building new aircraft prototypes as well as modifications of earlier designs, the provision of operational and product support and engineering work on extending the service life of existing aircraft. It also provides services such as basic and conversion training for flight and maintenance crews and international air charter transportation, particularly of outsized cargoes. On-site training of local personnel is available to ensure their mastery of their chosen aircraft. Antonov also participates in international cooperation in the field of aircraft and equipment design and manufacture as well as the development of land transit vehicles.
ANTONOV Complex has invested heavily in computer-aided techniques in design and analysis work thereby creating a powerful engineering and research potential. In-house wind tunnel facilities enable the testing of aircraft models. All aircraft types, including such giants as the Ruslan and Mriya, can be subjected to structural tests to determine their service lives in one of the largest fatigue test laboratories in Europe. Finally, Antonov completes the development cycle of the aircraft with flight test programmes to demonstrate the compliance of the aircraft with airworthiness requirements and the customer’s specifications.
On December 30, 1992, the Interstate Aviation Committee Aviation Register (IAC AR) issued Certificate No.P-2 to ANTONOV Aeronautical Scientific/Technical Complex granting authorization to develop civil aviation aircraft.


19-21, Frunze St., Kiev, 04080, Ukraine
Теl./Fax: +3 8 (044) 455-93-92


Working meetings "Antonov" and the Azerbaijani side

March 12-13, 2015 (Baku, Azerbaijan) The Director General-Chairman of the Board UkrNIIAT GA Kryvau participated in a series of working meetings "Antonov" and the Azerbaijani sides on cooperation in the sphere of aircraft building production

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