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"Industrial Technology" Company, LLC

Code EGRPOU: 31354238
Postal and telegraphic index: 04080
Address: 14-18 Frunze Street, Kyiv
Account: 26008301021435 in VTB Bank in Kyiv
INN 313542326569, certificate № 100034189
Code of bank (MFO): 321767


19-21, Frunze St., Kiev, 04080, Ukraine
Теl./Fax: +3 8 (044) 455-93-92


Working meetings "Antonov" and the Azerbaijani side

March 12-13, 2015 (Baku, Azerbaijan) The Director General-Chairman of the Board UkrNIIAT GA Kryvau participated in a series of working meetings "Antonov" and the Azerbaijani sides on cooperation in the sphere of aircraft building production

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