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Mission of magazine

Technological Systems Journal is published from 1999. The founder and editor are UkrRIAT, OJSC and Industrial Technologies, LTD.

The journal is oriented to managers and technical managers of industrial production, key specialists of the institutes, advisory and expert-analytical firms, engineers and scientists.

Mission of the multidisciplinary scientific and technical journal "Technology systems" is to create the actual information resource mainly in the area of high-tech engineering. The journal publishes articles by leading experts and scientists that deal with current research and development in the area of improvement of high technology production and improve product quality-related issues of program and project management in the high technology engineering. The journal also publishes papers and reviews of relevant scientific conferences, publishes articles competitors for academic degrees and titles.

There are the following priority directions reported on the journal's pages:

  • the latest scientific developments;
  • perspective materials;
  • close connection between science and manufacturing;
  • adoption of a modern technologies into productive industry;
  • information about operating regulations and standards;
  • adaptation of normative documents to domestic conditions
  • assistance to further development of manufacturing technologies
    projects management and manufacture defelopment;
  • quality system of the enterprises and sertification;
  • new engineering and design solutions;
  • mechanical article strength and life time;
  • utilization and recycling technologies;
  • control methods;
  • conversion issues;
  • presentation of enterprises (etc.)

In addition you can find usefull information about a new books and monographs, conferences, symposia, congresses and exhibitions, data about famous scientists.


19-21, Frunze St., Kiev, 04080, Ukraine
Теl./Fax: +3 8 (044) 455-93-92


Working meetings "Antonov" and the Azerbaijani side

March 12-13, 2015 (Baku, Azerbaijan) The Director General-Chairman of the Board UkrNIIAT GA Kryvau participated in a series of working meetings "Antonov" and the Azerbaijani sides on cooperation in the sphere of aircraft building production

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