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Design requirements

The manuscript is sent for publication in the electronic (digital) format on the editorial e-mail address (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), as well as in paper format by mail, signed by the author, in 2 copies (editorial office : Frunze Str. 19-21, 04080, Kyiv, Ukraine).

Texts of the articles are not edited. Authors should bring increased requirements to the presentation and design of the manuscript. Articles containing the results of theses for the degree of candidate or doctor - reviewed.

  • The text of the article: the editor MS Word; paper size - A4; padding - right at the top and 15 mm left and 25 mm from the bottom; font - Times New Roman; font size - 12 pt; line spacing - 2.
  • The illustrations of the article serves as a file with the extension * .TIF or * .JPG (color image, resolution of at least 300 dpi, scale 1: 1) or transferred to the original image (photo). Each file should contain a single graphic.
  • Tables are provided in separate files and numbered in the order they are mentioned in the text in Arabic numerals. The font of the text in tables - Times New Roman, font size - 10 pt, line spacing - 1, line thickness - 0,75 pt. The name is written after the number of tables and in bold (bold). The table should not extend beyond the boundaries of the text.
  • Formulas are typed in the formula editor Microsoft Equation 3 or MachType, font and size suited to the main text:

  • To archive articles and accompanying images are used archiver WinRAR, WinZip.
  • Structural elements of the article: - cm. Example
1. UDC (index of articles on the Universal Decimal Classification).
2. The name and initials of each author.
3. Full name of the company (in which, or in which the authors obtained the results presented in the article).
4. The title of the article in the original language.
5. This article in the original language of not less than 500 characters (abstract should reflect the purpose of the article, research methods, results and conclusions).
6. Key words in the original language (each keyword or phrase separated from one another by a semicolon).
7. The main text of the article, comprising the following components are recommended:
  ► Introduction (1 Introduction):
      - Statement of the problem in general and its connection with important scientific and practical tasks;
      - Analysis of recent research and publications, which laid the foundation for the solution of the problem, and on which the author;
      - Selection of the unsolved problems of the problem which the article covers.
  ► Statement of the Problem (2 Problem Formulation) - formulation of the purposes of Article.
  ► The presentation of the main research material with full justification of scientific results and split it into pieces with corresponding names (3, 4, 5, 6, ...); it is recommended to present these materials:
      - A comprehensive review of existing solutions of the problem (if necessary);
      - Relevance of the problem;
      - The choice of methods, approaches, models and tools to solve this problem (Method, Apparatus and Procedure, Solution Procedure, Experiment Facilities, Experimental Procedure, Instrumentation, ...);
      - The actual solution of the problem (Mathematical Formulation, Theoretical Development, Experiments, Numerical Model, Optimal Geometry, Influence of ..., Effects of ..., ...);
      - The adequacy of the theoretical solutions and the benefits derived practical solutions to existing solutions (Results and Discussion, Experimental Results, Discussion, Data Interpretation, Experimental Uncertainty, ...);
      - Examples of the application of the solutions.
  ► Conclusions (Conclusions):
       - The results of the present study;
      - Prospects for further research in this direction.
  ► Thanks to sponsors, colleagues, and so forth. (Acknowledgment).
  ► Accepted Symbols (Nomenclature) - a list of characters and their corresponding names of symbolic notation, including the dimension (SI).
  ► Greek characters (Greek Symbols) - list of Greek symbols and their corresponding names of symbolic notation, including the dimension (SI).
  ► subscript and superscript (Subscripts and Superscripts) - a list of indices and the corresponding names of symbols.
  ► Abbreviations (Abbreviations) - list of abbreviations.
  ► References - list of information sources that are referenced in the article the author (s);
8. The title of the article in English;
9. The names and initials of the authors, the full name of the enterprise (s) in English;
Article 10. Abstract in English of not less than 500 characters;
11. Key words in English.
12. References - list of information sources that are referenced in the article the author (s):
  - In the original Cyrillic - the source of duplicated transliteration from Cyrillic to Latin (or translated into English - the working language scientometric databases);
  - In the original Latin - does not change.
cm. Example of article

  • Supporting documents to the article
1. Letter of the director or appeal the author (s) against the chief editor of the publication of materials regarding the article; - Cm. Sample letter
2. The expert opinion of the enterprise (or authors) of the possibility of publishing in the press (the original); - See. Example of an expert opinion
3. About the authors: last name, first name, middle name (in full); the full name of the company (ies) in which the author works; positions - full, without abbreviations; academic degree, academic rank; honorary titles; contact (e) telephone number (s), e-mail for possible feedback c interested readers;
4. The application of the distribution of copyright creative contribution to publishing. The absence of such a request constitutes consent of all authors of creative contribution to publishing in equal parts (by default). - See. Example applications.


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