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Chief Editor

Kryvov Georgyi Alexeevich

Chairman of the Board of JSC "Ukrainian Research Institute of Aviation Technology",
Vice President of Ukraine Aerospace Association,
Honored Scientist of Ukraine,
Twice winner of the State Prize of Ukraine,
Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

The chief editor of the scientific and technical journal "Technological Systems"

L i f e

member of the board of the Ministry of mechanical engineering and military-industrial complex and conversion (1996-2000 biennium).
member of the SAE (USA)
member of the SAMPE (Europe)

Honored Scientist of Ukraine (2000)

twice winner of the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology

Scientific and technical, scientific and organizational activities
Chief editor of the scientific and technical journal "Technological Systems" (1999), editor in chief of information-analytical journal "Industrial Ukraine" (1996), Chairman of the Expert Council of the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine (1994-1999.), Chairman specialized council for doctoral theses (1995-20005 years.), a member of the specialized council for doctoral theses at the National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" and the National Aerospace University "Kharkiv Aviation Institute", member of the Committee on State Prizes in Science and technology under the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine

The published results of the engineering, scientific, technical, organizational performance
author and co-author of 22 books, over 120 articles, 20 inventions, including: - Construction of metal composite materials / Under total. Ed. Dr. tehn. Sciences GA Krivova. - K .: Tehnіka, 1992. - S. 223.
- Modern technologies of processing and assembly engineering products / Pod Society. Ed. GA Krivova and VV Sukhov. - K .: Tehnіka, 1993. - S. 142.
- Modern technologies of aggregate-borochnogo aircraft production / AI Pekarsh, YM Tarasov, GA Curves and others. - M .: Agraf Press, 2006 - 304 pp.
- Krivoy GA Aircraft manufacturing technology production. - K .: KVІTS, 1997. - S. 459.
- Welding in aircraft / Ed. BE Paton / GA Curves and others. - K .: SPL. MIIVTS, 1998. - S. 696.
- Information technology in the high technology engineering: Computer Software Industrial Business / Under total. Ed. AG Bratukhina. Ed. PV Council Balabuev, VA Boguslayev, AG Bratukhin, GA Curve. - K .: Tehnіka, 2001. - S. 728.
- CALS (Continuous Acquisition and Life cycle Support - Continuous information support product life cycle) in aviastroenii.- M .: Publishing House of the Moscow Aviation Institute, 2002. - S. 676.
- Krivoy GA, VA Matviyenko, Afanasyev LF World aviation at the turn of the XX-XXI centuries. Industrial markets. - K .: KVITS, 2003. - S. 296.
- Krivoy GA, VA Matviyenko, VA Reznikov The quality management system of production aircraft. - K .: Tehnіka, 2004. - S. 272.
- Priorities of Aviation Technology / Ed. AG Bratukhina. - M .: Publishing House of the Moscow Aviation Institute, 2004. - S. 1335.
- Aluminium alloys (composition, properties, technology, application). Directory / GA Curves VM Beletsky. - K .: Kominteh, 2005. - S. 365.
- Russian Encyclopedia CALS. Aerospace engineering. - M .: OJSC "SIC ASK", 2008. - 608 pp.

Participation in political and public organizations
board member enterprises of Kyiv

State Awards
Diploma of the Supreme Council of Ukraine (2004)

Biographical information
Born in the city of Chirchik near Tashkent, Uzbekistan.
In 1972 he graduated from the Kiev Polytechnic Institute (National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute"), a mechanical engineer. In 1979 he defended his thesis in VIAM (Moscow), Ph.D. (Materials Science in mechanical engineering). In 1992 he defended his doctoral thesis in NIAT (Moscow), Doctor of Science (Technology of production of aircraft). In 1994 he became a professor (Kyiv Institute for Advanced Studies of the Ministry of Machine Building, Military-industrial complex and conversion).
Worked - draftsman Design Bureau of Automatics, city of Chirchik (1966-1967 gg.) - Engineer, senior engineer, head of the Office of the Chief Metallurgist Department of Kyiv mechanical factory EDO DC Antonov (1972-1978 gg.), Participated in the creation of AN-28, AN-72, AN-74, AN-32, AN-124 ("Ruslan"). From 1978-1984. - Instructor of the Leningrad regional committee of the party in Kiev, instructor, deputy head of the department of science and educational institutions of the Kiev City Party Committee. Since 1984 to the present time - the director, first Ukrainian branch, and then the Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute of Aviation Technology. Organizes work on the participation of experts in the creation of the Institute of the AN-70, production of the An-140 in Ukraine and Iran, provided the development of the "Programme of aircraft production in Ukraine for 2000-2010.", And the Law of Ukraine "Program of development of high technologies Ukraine "(2005).


19-21, Frunze St., Kiev, 04080, Ukraine
Теl./Fax: +3 8 (044) 455-93-92


Working meetings "Antonov" and the Azerbaijani side

March 12-13, 2015 (Baku, Azerbaijan) The Director General-Chairman of the Board UkrNIIAT GA Kryvau participated in a series of working meetings "Antonov" and the Azerbaijani sides on cooperation in the sphere of aircraft building production

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